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Ambitious choir music in Savonlinna

The Savonlinna Choir is a mixed choir that concentrates on challenging music and aims at high quality. Our repertory dates from the Middle Ages to the present times. It includes large concert pieces and also folk songs and light music. We have sung many of the greatest choral works of western music as well as smaller masterpieces.

A sample of our repertory:

W.A.Mozart: Requiem, Missa brevis in D major
Kyösti Haatanen: De nativitate Christi secundum Lucam
Sergei Rachmaninov: Vigilia
Joseph Haydn: Stabat mater
Camille Saint-Saens: Christmas Oratorio
Franz Schubert: Mass in E-flat major
J.S. Bach: Christmas Oratorio and parts of St John Passion



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